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Derek plus roses and pastels is my new favorite thing.

(Sorry if this looks really low res. I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my psd files looking not hi res when I try to upload them here. It’s most But if you click the ‘hi-res’ link, it should bring you to the crisp, nice version. Pleas, please, please let me know if it’s still gross looking).

Derek Hale makin’ it rain.

I literally cannot stop myself from making crappy dumb gifs of my fanart. Like. I should stop. But I can’t.

(Source: theillustriouskid, via redhoodieleatherjacket)


Look at this dumb Han Solo I made after having Jen’s request sitting in my inbox for like 8 years!!! Enjoy!


Made a gif of my two Kieren illustrations. He goes through such a change within the show and I thought that’d be a fun thing to play with!  

Hope you guys enjoy it too!


Been wanting to do some In The Flesh art for awhile now! It’s hands down one of the best shows I’ve seen in my 20 years of existing.

P.S. I have 2 more versions of these pieces: one’s a GIF and one has type! I might upload those later today!


Who needs to do finals homework when you can draw Bucky with his hair tied in a bun?! Also what are colors? I just don’t know!

so leave that click in my head

and I’ll remember the words that you said

left a clouded mind and a heavy heart

but I was sure we could see a new start. (x)

(Source: theillustriouskid)

Notebook final based off the phrase: “in order to avoid detection”.

Illustration for Advanced based loosely on the fable Wolf & Boy.

WIP of an illustration for the prompt: “Adventurous & Protected: a dog is a child’s guardian as he walks through the woods.” It’s kinda inspired by this beautiful folklore story thing I read called “Wolf & Boy” and I’ve been dying to use it for a project. Yay metaphors and stuff!!!! 

Look forward to the finished piece soon!!!

Finished illustration based off a grouping of the words: sweater, luggage, telescope, rowboat, docks, portholes, chimneys, and steep hill. The limited pink, yellow, and green color palette was hard to navigate at first, but it was super fun once I got the ball rolling!!

Also with dumb sharks!!!

Final illustration for my notebook class. The prompt was “Childhood Memory” so I went with my bro and I sword fighting when we were younger. And since our last name is Knight and I always imagined us being complete badasses, this is what came out!



Prompt: Treacherous boot. Basically me as a shoe.


"Prey & Decay". Idk the prompt for this. Something about worms.


Notebook work. Prompts are: smoke stacks and ouch! More to come soon!

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