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Finished illustration based off a grouping of the words: sweater, luggage, telescope, rowboat, docks, portholes, chimneys, and steep hill. The limited pink, yellow, and green color palette was hard to navigate at first, but it was super fun once I got the ball rolling!!

Also with dumb sharks!!!

Final illustration for my notebook class. The prompt was “Childhood Memory” so I went with my bro and I sword fighting when we were younger. And since our last name is Knight and I always imagined us being complete badasses, this is what came out!



Prompt: Treacherous boot. Basically me as a shoe.


"Prey & Decay". Idk the prompt for this. Something about worms.


Notebook work. Prompts are: smoke stacks and ouch! More to come soon!

Last couple pages for class. I did like half this assignment wrong oops. Oh well!

The prompt for this was ‘Sex Ed’. So I went with the hands on approach. Also for illustrated notebook.

Some work from my Illustrated notebook class. Runnin’ down high school memory lane with this one. The prompt was ‘gross!’.

WIP of my comic ALBATROSS which will be made into a zine in the coming weeks.

This is the first of the inking process and sorry there’s no text at all.

"The Weight"

Illustration for Ray Bradbury’s “Marionette Inc.” from The Illustrated Man.


Progress for a new project doing a illustration for a short story from The Illustrated Man.


Some really bad phone pictures of the zine “Admit One” that a bunch of cool ladies and I created! We all worked really hard on this and it turned out really well!!

Hey guys! So I have more followers on this little art blog than I ever thought I would get and, I was thinking that, maybe when I hit my first hundred, I would possibly maybe consider doing a sketch giveaway maybe, I dunno. I think that’d be a nice way of saying thanks?

Just a thought for the future, it’s nothing official yet.

Anyway, have a wonderful day!!

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Admit One presents: Lucifer, The Fallen Angel!”

My piece for the circus inspired zine, “Admit One”!! This was a blast to work on! Soon I’ll have images of the physical zine posted here too!

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